samedi 3 octobre 2009



Je vous balance toutes mes mixtapes en écoute libre et en téléchargement gratuit!!!
Pour les télécharger, c'est très simple, sur le coté de chaque lecteur audio, il y a une petite flèche, vous cliquez dessus, et vous n'avez plus qu'à télécharger!


Dj k7 presents "The Chicken Wings Bounce Mixtape"

A-The 1st Wing:

Dj k7 presents "The Chicken Wings Bounce Mixtape" (A. The 1st Wing) by jubos28

B- The 2nd Bounce:

Dj k7 presents "The Chicken Wings Bounce Mixtape" (B- The 2nd Bounce) by jubos28

Dj k7 presents "The $mooth & Funky Roughness Mixtape":

Dj k7 presents "The $mooth & Funky Roughness Mixtape" by jubos28
1) Super 3 - Standin' on the top
2) T Ski Valley - Catch The Beat
3) Cold Crush Brothers - WeekEnd
4) Nice And Nasty 3 - The Ultimate Rap
5) Positive K - I Got A Man
6) Del the Funky Homosepian - Dr Bombay
7) Original Flavor - I Like It (Freestyle)
8) KMD - Hard Wit No Hoe
9) EPMD - Scratch Bring It Back
10) Funkdoobiest - Bow Wow Wow
11) Cypress Hill ft. Funkdoobiest- Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk
12) King Tee feat. Nefretitti & Mad Kap - We Got Tha Fat Joint
13) Del the Funky Homosepian - Sunny Meadowz
14) OUTRO: Passion Play

Dj k7 presents "The Sexy MotherFunkin' Mix":

Dj k7 -Sexy Motherfunkin' Mix- by jubos28

1- The Stoval Sisters "Hang on it there"
2- Marva Whitney "What do I have to do to prove my love to you"
3- Leon Mitchinson "Street Scene"
4- Uptown Syndicate "Uptown"
5- Marva Whitney "Unwind Yourself"
6- Quantic Soul Orchestra "Get a Move On"
7- The Soul Searchers "Blow Your Whistle"
8- Rare Funktion "Disco Funktion"
9- ? "King Kong"
10- Jamiroquai Meddley
11- Michael Jackson "Billie Jean
12- Kurtis Blow "The Breaks"
13- Grand Master Flash vs The Sugar Hill Gang "Hot Hot Summer Day"
14- Del The Funky Homosepian "What a Booty"
15- Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome "Dance Wiv Me"

Dj k7 presents "The $anta Clau$ Mixtape":
Dj k7 presents "The $anta Clau$ MixTape" by jubos28

1. Jamiroquaï "Love Foolosophy"
2. I-Cube "Disco Cubism" (Daft Punk Remix)
3. Fela Kuti "Ikoyi Blindness"
4. 2Many Djs MEDDLEY
5. Dj k7 "The Cure VS Capleton" (Original Remix by Dj k7!!!)
6. Lyricson "Night&Day"
7. Del the Funky Homosepian "Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo"
8. Dj k7 "Original Flavor VS Capleton" (Original Remix by Dj k7!!!)
9. KMD Feat.Brand Nubian "Nitty Gritty"
10. Leaders of the New School "The International Zone Coas"
11. King Tee MEDDLEY by Dj k7
12. ???
13. OUTRO: Jamiroquoï "Didjital Vibrations"